domingo, 12 de dezembro de 2010

Alice day

Motion Graphic: Chico Jolvisen
Sound design: Paulo Beto

If you were not there, lost a serendipity adventure. Two twin Alice came through a portal and receive the guests to the first unbirthday party of Lewis Carroll Society of Brazil, in may 11th. When both turned back, turned into white rabbits, inviting passengers to a great journey into the wonderful world of Lewis Carroll and his Alices. Cats, letters, hookas, drink me bottles and eat me delicious cookies played around the tea table in a garden of mushrooms watches and clouds of air. See me

See the graphic design of the program and the book mark HERE

A blue caterpillar called the attractions and unfolded itself in curious and unexpected movements.It all started with Alice Liddell entering the stage and reading an excerpt from his fictional diary which told about his friendship with Charles Dodgson, the day the story of Alice was invented and the whole universe of possibilities that have emerged there. Adriana Peliano, Queen of the LCSB entered and showed more than 100 images that followed the path of Alice's imagination in the visual arts, from Carroll's drawings to contemporary experimentation.

The literature teacher Thereza Vasquez read a letter from the author Paulo Mendes Campos for his daughter when she turned 15 and was presented with the Alice book, "This book is crazy," he says, "the meaning is in you." The writer recently dead Wilson Bueno (a great loss and sadness) gave a hilarious talk about the presence of nonsense in riddles, puns, and sayings of Brazilian popular culture. That's when Alice fell down a rabbit hole in the performance of Brenda Novak, an Alice for many years. See me

After a mad tea party, with the sound of White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane, among other alicinated songs, it was the turn of the group Frame Circus and Anna Eliza Colomar perform a live soundtrack of the film of Alice in 1903 by Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow. Keyboards, cello, flute and percussion instruments were accompanied by the legendary Theremin, played with the hand movements in the air.

This was followed by the fantastic factory of Jabberwockys with the reading of four translations of the poem to Portuguese and the original one, accompanied by live music composed especially for the event by the composer and sound designer Paulo Beto. At the same time the exquisite illustrator Manuhell created a monster that appeared on the screen while he drew. Than was the time of the duo Picnic Hipster to play the beautiful version of Donovan of Jabberwocky. And thus ended our history and began new adventures for almost 400 people who attended. Very Merry unbirthday to you too. See me


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“Always in search of curious objects, broken toys, bits of things and traces of stories, Adriana Peliano stitches together desires, monsters and fairy tales. Her collages and metamorphic assemblages are magical and multiple inventories, where logic is reinvented with new meanings and narratives, creating language games and dream labyrinths. Everything is transformed to tell new stories that dislocate our way of seeing, inviting the marvellous to visit our world.” “Sempre em busca de objetos curiosos, restos de brinquedos, cacos de mundos e rastros de estórias, Adriana Peliano costura desejos, monstros e contos de fadas. Suas colagens, metamofoses e assemblagens despertam inventários mágicos e múltiplos, onde a lógica do cotidiano é reinventada em novos sentidos e narrativas, criando jogos de linguagem e labirintos de sonhos. Tudo se transforma para contar novas estórias, abrindo portas para o maravilhoso.”